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This song is dedicated to Elroy Brickey, Shailee Amparo and Randy Davis.


"I hate this"

To my best friend from out of town, you're still 2 hours away
And you're still a quiet clown, and I"ll never forget the day
I wish you the best, and boy I sure do wish you luck
Could you do me a solid favor, and learn to not give a fuck

To the sister I never had, and the one that I hold dear
My apologies to you if I never made it clear
You're headstrong, quick witted and so fucking smart
Just know that I'll always be right there, deep inside your heart

They tell me it'll be alright
That I'll get over this
He's not worth starting a fight
And she's nothing but a bitch
These are my final thoughts to you all
My wishes and requests
I'm sorry but I'm getting cold
And it's gonna have to end like this

To the brother who's stood by me for these past 6 years
Don't be overtaken by anger, come on man, let go of your tears
It'll tear you limb from limb and rip you apart
Don't let this be the end of you, in fact, let it be the start

To the woman who has left me oh so goddamn torn
I just can't go another day without you more
You had to find another just so you could leave
Please know in these last few moments
That you left with the very best of me



from One Year Later​.​.​., released September 17, 2012
Written and Performed by: Cory Kesselring
Produced by: Nate Davenport of Nasty Records (Rochester, NY)




Cory Kesselring Rochester, New York

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